Datça, the meeting point of Mediterranean and the Aegean, is a settlement which has the admiration of people with its naturel beauty. Dorians, Persians, Athenians, Romans, Germiyanoğulları and finally Ottoman Empire have contributed to the historical accumulation of this beautiful district.Datça , build on historical and cultural richness of Knidos which is one of the most important port cities of the period, is one of the indispensables of the Anatolian Civilizations.

Datça is a heaven in the south west of Anatolia between the Gökova and Hisarönü bays. Datça is worth seeing with beautiful beaches, gleaming crystal clear sea, well-established history, untouched nature, rich in flora and fauna, plenty of oxygen, low humidity, sunny atmosphere 300 days of the year, warm climate. At the time, it was believed that the Datça Peninsula cured the people. So Datça is preferred by the hearth, circulatory, nervous and rheumatism patients today.

You can go to Datça through and through Marmaris on the corrected and expended road to 70 km to Datça by watching the most beautiful bays of Aegean and Mediterranean, blue and green blend. Or you can also reach to Datça with enjoyable sea cruises by ferry from Bodrum or Rhodes and Simi İslands in Greece. The peninsula is not only rich in history but also quite fascinating in terms of nature.

In our country, almond blossoms in Datça first and again the first almond fruit grows in Datça in February.

Datça is also famous for its honey and fish. It's possible to swim in the crystal clear waters and beautiful bays and beaches.

Most of the bays and beaches of the peninsula are in the south. The main ones of them from East to West are : Kurucabük, Aktur, Karaincir, Güllük, Gebekum, Burgaz, kargı, Domuz Bükü ve Palamutbükü bays and beaches. It's possible to swim in the Hastanealtı, Sandy, Rocky and Azganlı beaches in the city center. Most of these beaches are rewarded with the Blue Flag award every year. In the city center, there is a small lake on the south-west of the Rocky beach. It's rich in minerals and has a wonderful view. Its water is warmer than the sea. The peninsula is very charming with its natural beauty and cultural values.